Why Panama?

Panama is paradise. Each day more people allow themselves to be captivated by the magic and beauty of this Central American country. Panama is an indigenous word that means “abundance of fish and butterflies.” Possessing a population of approximately 3.2 million inhabitants, Panama is not only a natural bridge connecting two continents, but also a cultural bridge due to its rich history, landscapes and people.

With a territory of 30,190-square miles and 1,545-miles of coast, you can enjoy Panama’s geographic diversity in as little as an hour and a half due to the ample network of highways and roads, traveling from the capital city to the beaches and mountains. Panama map. For example, you can enjoy the Atlantic beaches (Caribbean) in the morning and be frolicking in the Pacific at midday. What’s more, you can enjoy all the aforementioned activities in Panama’s in an all-year-round tropical climate. Over 880 bird species inhabit Panama, more than any other country in Central America and more than all of North America.

In Panama, you have one of the most enjoyable climates available. Furthermore, Panama has no history of natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. What Panama does have is biological diversity, which provides exceptional eco-tourism throughout the country. Given its geographic location and extensive coast, Panama offers beautiful beaches. For those that enjoy extreme sports, there are expeditions to areas barely touched that were explored over 500 years ago. If you are looking to purchase real estate in Panama for investment or for retirement purposes, check our real estate listings and contact Tribaldos Real Estate specialists for valuable service.

What to do in Panama


Panama has little competition in terms of quantity and quality of tourist activities, from mountains, parks, beaches, islands, historic monuments, indigenous cultures, to of course, the city. 

The aquatic activities that take place often are fishing, rafting, scuba diving and surfing. Panama possesses five snorkeling and scuba diving areas that are internationally recognized, including Bocas del Toro, Isla Coiba and Isla Grande. Also, Panama possesses an array of tourist sites. In Bocas del Toro, submarine scuba diving is cataloged among the best in the world. Coc possesses coasts scattered with tourist resorts and a mountainous zone made famous by Antón Valley, with its golden frogs and thermal springs. Another point of interest isChiriquí, with its beaches and mountains. There you will find the Barú National Park, famous for the “quetzal” birds.



Darién offers tropical forests, wildlife and an extraordinary indigenous legacy, considered one of the best places in the world to observe birds in their natural environment. Santa Catalina beach in Veraguas is considered one of the best places for surfing. The San Blas Comarca possesses 365 islands, some still uninhabited, and is home to the Kuna, one of the three indigenous groups in Panama. The indigenous population in Panama, is around 130,000 including the Kuna, the Embera and the Ngobe-Bugle.



In the capital, the old section of the city, called Casco Viejo, one can navigate the narrow streets and admire the colonial architecture. In Panama “La Antigua” (“Historic”), the visitor can wander around ruins left by pirates that invaded the city centuries ago in search of gold and silver, leaving it devastated. The recent construction of high-rise condominiums can also be found in the capital, including areas such as Punta Pacifica, Costa del Este and Avenida Balboa. These areas are located on the first line of construction from the Pacific Ocean and whose projects will be the envy of the American continents not only for their location and view but also their quality and high technology. Check out our current real estate listings, also keep in mind that real estate investment is an important decision, so get personalized attention by contacting our office.


Invest in Panama

Panama is characterized as a service-oriented country. Panama’s banking sector comprises over 75 national and international banks, with over 40 billion active dollars.


The Panama Canal has been experiencing an annual increase in international commerce, especially between Asia and the United States, which has had a positive impact on the demand for jobs in the service sector. Furthermore, due to the transit of extremely large ships, the referendum was passed to expand this aquatic route, which amounts to an investment of 5.2 billion dollars.

This will positively impact the country for the next 12 years, the amount of time estimated for expansion. The Free Zone is Colon is the second most widely recognized in the world, after Hong Kong, and possesses around 1,500 offices that specialize in import/export of merchandise. The Free Zone receives around 250,000 visits a year and generates approximately 11 billion dollars each year.


Additionally, Panama City is recognized as a safe country and possesses first-rate hospitals that are associated with important medical centers in the United States. In terms of education, in addition to a variety of internationally accredited bilingual schools, there are also excellent universities, national and international, with campuses in Panama. Also, there are commercial centers housing an array of stores from the latest fashions to ones that offer indigenous handicrafts, among those the famous “molas” made by the Kuna.



The international flight connections, the low crime rate and the extremely attractive real estate prices make Panama very attractive and place it on the list of preferred countries for foreigners seeking a calm and sunny retirement haven. Foreigners are attracted by the special legislation that offers them incentives and discounts according to the “Ley de Pensionados o Jubilados.” These incentives and tax exceptions include an exoneration to import personal belongings and include the importation of a vehicle tax-free every two years. Articles about Panama.




Since September 2006, approximately 826,250 foreigners have visited Panama as a tourist destination. Many of these visitors have been seduced by Panama’s exotic landscape and have made it their second home. Do not miss the opportunity to have the advatages and investment benefits of Panama.Contact our representatives for more details. 

Three excellent, relatively new commercial centers are located in Panama City, where one can find stores that offer a variety of prices and brands. The nightlife is Panama doesn’t rest, including spectacular casinos, a variety of restaurants, nightclubs and bars.